Jeweled Lotus

I have been creating things since she was a child. My creative efforts have ranged from sculpture to jewelry to drawing to writing to painting. In all my works, my goal is to shine Light into the world by bringing particular energy to you.  It might be a glimpse into a feeling, crystal energy, Reiki healing energy, or a combination. If you have no twinge of feeling for any of my pieces, I feel I have not succeeded.

I fell in love with jewelry-making and studied it at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts along with basic design, drawing, oil painting, Spanish, and hand-building ceramics. I was graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1985. After graduation I continued with self-education, learning additional painting media, wire sculpture jewelry, various crafts, and more.

I am both an insider and outsider artist. Insider, because I do have some formal art training, albeit many years ago. Outsider, in that I work both outside the traditional art establishment and work around mental illness in the form of bipolar disorder and PTSD. Both the insider and outsider aspects of my art have come together to create a unique art experience.

For the past decade and more, I have written about crystal meanings, made and sold handmade sculpted wire jewelry on her own website. After hand injuries from making that jewelry and three surgeries, I had to change my creation style. There’s no point in giving up  so I transitioned to jewelry which does not require the extreme hand strength and precision of her previous look. As luck would have it, it is just as intriguing.

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